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How To Start​

  • Register with us (Free)
  • To Become recognised Sales Promotor, Make your First Sale of any one of below mantioned Products/Packages.

  • Package @ 249/-
  • Product : Blossom Panch Tulsi - 25ml
  • Purchase the product and Complete the Registration Process.
  • Product will deliver through Our Franchisee OR by Company.

Direct Referral

When you refer someone in this system, then Company will pay you a Referral Income. Referral Income is 5% of Total Earning of your Every Direct Referral for life time. You can refer multiple People.
Example :

  • If 'A' is the Sponsor of 'B'.
  • Suppose Earning of 'B' = Rs. 1000/-
  • Then, Direct Income of 'A' = Rs. 50/- (5% of Rs. 1000/-)

Cycle Incentive

When you promote the Company & Company's Product, then Company will pay you a Cycle Incentive.

  • Must Have At Least 2 Direct Sales In Your Downline To Start The Income.
  • All Cycle's Will Be Calculated as (1:1) P.V.
  • 1 P.V (Package Value) = Rs.50

Repurchase Income

  • All repurchases are done on the Dealer Prices.
  • Repurchase Income is calculated on the "Sales Volume" generated by your down lines.
  • When your downline Re-purchase any product from Company, then Company gives some Sales Volume (SV).
  • Your Re-purchase Income is 10% of your matching SV (Sales Volume) from your Team.

  • Example :
  • Left side Total SV from your Team = 1,00,000
  • Right side Total SV from your Team = 50,000
  • Then Matching SV = 50,000
  • Re-purchase Commission = Rs. 5,000/-
  • Left side balance 50,000 SV carry forward to next closing.

AD Post Income

  • One Ad Package : Rs. 1,150/-
  • Daily Earning : Rs. 10
  • Daily Link Submit : 2
  • Validity : 12 Months

  • Term & Conditions :- :
  • Company gives you a website & Ad matter.
  • Post daily Two Ads for earning.
  • Minimum Payout Rs. 200/-
  • User can Purchase maximum 5 Ad Packs.


Term & Condition

  • The compensation will be paid on a weekly basis.
  • The compensation will be transferred directly to subscriber Bank account via NEFT/ RTGS.
  • The compensation will be transferred on every Tuesday.
  • Minimum NEFT/RTGS payout should be amount Rs.200/- All Pair set 1:1 PV Must Have At Least 2 Direct Sales In Your Downline To Start The Income.
  • Daily Closing Timing - 10:30AM, 04:30PM, 10:30PM, 04:30AM Capping 25 Pairs Per Closing.
  • One Pan Card & One Mobile Number = 7 ID.
  • Please upload your ID Proof & PAN card to verify and confirm the PAN details.
  • The amount of 10% will be deducted for all payouts as TDS Charges (Without PAN Card 20% TDS deduction) & 5% as Admin charges as per Government Rules.
  • Development expenses, handling, Courier charges as per Company norms as and when required.
  • The amount is non refundable and non transferable once the company - Distributor/Retailer have entered this agreement for purchase of product offered and further if no referral sales is made by the distributor/ Retailer he shall not in any way be eligible for any of the incentives.
  • If any distributors false statement, The company reserve all right to terminate distributorship.
  • The applicant should have completed minimum 18 years of age and shall be competent to enter into contract as provided in the Indian Contract Act.
  • The company reserves full rights to modify the terms and conditions, products, schemes, business opportunity and policies, by giving a prior notice through its website and it will bind all the Retailers & members of the company.
  • All Rights Reserved By the Company.